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Monday 24 March 2014

A Lovely Day for a Baby Shower

Today I was treated to a wonderful baby shower by some of my good friends here in the Bay Area. 

We had a lovely long champagne brunch at the Meritage restaurant at The Claremont Hotel Club & Spa. Nestled high in the Berkeley hills, The Claremont is the perfect place for a girl's day out in style. And as you can see from the photo below, we were pretty stylish! Ok, maybe stylish isn't quite the right word for how we look below, but we sure did have fun!

I love a good photo booth

As expected, the food was absolutely delicious. There was so much variety to choose from and I think we all probably stuffed ourselves a little much! I seriously didn't eat again for the rest of the day until I had dinner tonight at 8pm. The dessert bar was definitely the biggest hit. All those tiny immaculate looking cakes, tarts and slices... I couldn't help but pretend for the day that I don't have gestational diabetes. Everything had fruit on top so it must be healthy, right?  The waiter serving our table also treated us to the most delicious creme brulee. I'll definitely be going back for another one of those after the baby comes out!

Dessert bar

Shrimp and dim sum station

Bon appetite

Just a few desserts!

So, so good

Mmm... creme brulee

The view from our table over Berkeley was stunning. The view over Oakland, the bay and San Francisco would've been equally as stunning if there wasn't so much fog today! If you squint you just might be able to make out the buildings of San Francisco. On a clear day I imagine that the view would be absolutely beautiful.

Looking over Berkeley and the foggy bay

Looking back over the hotel

We played a few celebrity baby name games to help me choose a name for our little girl. Still no closer to deciding but I now have a long list of names that I definitely won't be using! Moxie Crimefighter Mason? Maybe not! We then headed out onto a balcony to set up a fantastic photo booth. How cute are those props?

Big babies

Best photo booth props ever

So much fun!

I think the bib suits me ;)

That bump is getting bigger
Five more weeks to go...

Thanks to the girls for spoiling me and for organising such a lovely day.

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