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Friday 7 March 2014

Career Day 2014

Today is College and Career Day at Ava's school.

Kids are encouraged to come to school dressed as the profession they'd like to be when they grow up or in the colours of the college they'd like to attend. A College and Careers fair will be held in the auditorium with parent volunteers talking to the kids about their own careers and college experiences.

Ava has been pretty excited about dressing up for today. Her chosen career? She tells me she'd like to be a pediatrician so she can help sick kids, but mostly because "I'd make lots of money and get to live in a big mansion"! I think we might have to ask her doctor if he lives in a big mansion next time she has a check up!

For Ava's pediatrician costume she wore her karate jacket (tied a little differently) with a stethoscope around her neck and an ID tag. She also carried her doctor's kit.

Not keen on feeling left out, Lola decided that she too needed to dress up. Apparently Lola would like to be "someone who makes cupcakes" when she grows up. The chef hat and apron from the kids' costume drawer came in handy for this.

Baker Lola and Doctor Ava

Ava's ID tag

I'm not sure who has a bigger smile - Lola or the Stevie Wonder drawings in the background!

After we dropped Ava off at school Lola and I headed to the Cheeseboard to grab something yummy for morning tea. While we were there the staff kindly let Lola pose for a few photos in the kitchen. She certainly looked the part!

Look at this challah I just baked

Baker Lola

I wonder if they really will grow up to be a pediatrician and a baker? Only time will tell...

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  1. Adorable! They didn't do this for the kindergartener's at our school :-( It's a bummer too, because I'm sure the 5 and 6 year olds would have come up with some very interesting professions! Maybe next year!


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