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Thursday 20 March 2014

New Hearts in Union Square

If you're familiar with Union Square in San Francisco then you'll be familiar with the heart sculptures that dot the four corners. 

Every so often (maybe once per year) three of the heart sculptures on display in Union Square change over. The sculpture on the corner of Powell and Post remains constant. The existing hearts are auctioned off to raise money for San Francisco General Hospital Foundation and are replaced with new hearts. You can see some of the hearts previously on display here.

For quite some time over the end of last year and the start of this the corners of Union Square were empty. Around Valentine's Day we visited Union Square to see if any new hearts had arrived. And sure enough there they were. Three new hearts; one of them being the girls' new favourite of all time. I think you'll guess which one from the photos!

Here's a look at Ava and Lola checking out the latest batch of hearts to be displayed in Union Square...

"Happy 10th Anniversary!" by Michael Osborne. The girls' new favourite, of course!

Pink on one side, green on the other...

"Abstracting Sights" by Erica Jasmin Canas

Tracing over the letters on the back with their fingers

"Sails of the Bay" by Marius Starkey

Let's go sailing

It's always so exciting when we discover new hearts on display in Union Square - and even more exciting when we discover them in other places around the city. Speaking of which, last Summer we went on a heart treasure hunt around the city and found quite a few. I've been meaning to post about it so I'll make sure to put it up soon - before this Summer is upon us!


We discovered this weekend that the ice cream sundae heart was not on display. I'm not sure if it will be replaced by a new heart or if it is coming back. I didn't think to check the other corners so I'm not sure if the other two hearts shown above are still there. The girls were quite upset that their new favourite heart was gone so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be coming back soon.

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