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Sunday 30 March 2014

Karate Kid 2... Another Belt Test

Last week Ava had another belt test with her karate class.

This time the kids have been working towards their white belt with one black stripe. The black stripe signifies that they are slowly working their way towards becoming a black belt. Very, very slowly!

After individually introducing themselves ("I am Karate Ava. I am learning the spirit of karate.") it was time to get to work.


They started off by going through a series of poses.

Then it was on to punching and blocking...

... Followed by some (hilarious to watch!) kicking.

Last up they were tested on their sparring techniques.

And then a little bit of fitness with crunches and push ups. Push ups are Ava's absolute favourite thing to do in karate class. As you can imagine though the other kids aren't quite as keen!

At the end of their test each student was called forward one at a time to receive their updated belt. If Sensei Julia brought the belt down across their shoulder they had achieved the new level. Ava was nervous but was very pleased when the belt hit her on the shoulder. She had passed!

Sensei Julia tied the updated belt around Ava's waist and presented her with a certificate.

All of the kids in Ava's class passed their test. Another little step closer to becoming the black belts they all long to be!

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  1. Great to see that here little kids are learning the Mixed Martial Arts. MMA in Connecticut is actually a very useful technique to learn the self defense and build the physical structure from the childhood age.


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