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Friday 7 March 2014

Flashback Fridays: Singapore Stop Over

Following up from our Indian adventure that I posted last week here's a look at our two day stop over in Singapore on our way home...

Back in October 2009 we traveled with a group of friends from Australia to the south of India for a wedding. Our flights to and from Kochi in India took us via Singapore. On the way to Kochi we only had a few hours in Singapore and just spent our time hanging out in Changi airport, which really isn't such a bad thing as it's an amazing airport - how many other airports boast an enclosed outdoor butterfly house?

On our way back home we were able to take advantage of an amazing promotion that Singapore Airlines were running. For only $1 per person we got one night's accommodation in a four star hotel, free entry passes and discounted passes to a whole range of attractions and meal coupons. $3 for our family to check out the beautiful city of Singapore? Yes, please!

Our flight into Singapore from Kochi arrived early in the morning and our flight back to Australia was scheduled for the following night so we pretty much had almost two full days to explore the city. We were all pretty tired that first day after our overnight flight from India so we took it pretty easy. Plus the humidity in Singapore was pretty stifling. Unlike India though, everywhere in Singapore is air-conditioned so every time the heat and humidity got a little too much we just stepped inside to cool off for a bit.

We started our exploration of Singapore by taking a "bumboat" cruise along the river. Oh, you can bet that Ava thought that name was hilarious and made sure to repeat it over and over! The boat ride took us past many famous sights including the Merlion fountain and the Singapore Opera House which is shaped like a durian, that stinky Asian fruit.

Merlion fountain

Singapore Opera House

Ava waits for our bumboat river cruise

After a little walking around, with many stops for ice cream and air-conditioning, we made our way to Raffles Hotel where I had made a booking for High Tea. The high tea was delicious and unlike the very traditional British tradition that we were used to in Australia, a buffet of Asian food was included as well. Surprisingly Raffles cater very well to small children and Ava was given her own table setting and a babyccino, something she was very excited about as she had gone the whole week in India without a single babyccino! Of course, now that we live in the US where there isn't as much of a cafe culture as there is in Australia neither Ava or Lola get to drink babyccinos anymore. They've moved onto hot chocolate anyway!

Ava and I at Raffles Hotel

Ava enjoys high tea at Raffles

High Tea at Raffles Hotel

After our High Tea we moved on to Raffle's famous Long Bar to meet up with other friends. Here we drank Singapore Slings (or orange juice garnished with fruit for Ava) and ate peanuts. As per tradition we threw our peanut shells on the floor. I have no idea where that particular tradition comes from but apparently that's what you're supposed to do. Ava thought it was fantastic being able to throw her rubbish on the floor! We also visited Raffles creamery for delicious ice cream.

Raffles Creamery gets Ava stamp of approval

Enjoying a drink in the Long Bar

Ava enjoyed shelling the peanuts

Cocktails and mocktails

That evening while most of our friends headed to the street markets in China Town for dinner Kim, Ava and I headed to the Singapore Flyer, the world's largest observation wheel. The views over Singapore at night were absolutely amazing although being up so high in a moving glass box was a little daunting. Kim wouldn't go anywhere near the glass walls! Ava had fallen asleep so she missed out on the views which probably wasn't such a bad thing as I imagine she would have been pretty scared. Unfortunately we didn't take out good camera on the trip with us and my little point and click didn't manage to snap any good shots. Believe me though, the views were amazing. Next time we're in Singapore we'll make sure to go on the Singapore Flyer during the day as I imagine that would be spectacular - and possibly even scarier!

Singapore Flyer (taken from our airport shuttle earlier in the morning)

We spent the majority of our second day in Singapore at the amazing Singapore Zoo. I would have to say that it would be the most amazing zoo that I've ever visited. The animal enclosures are large and have a very open feel to them. The lush, tropical landscaping is beautiful. There is plenty of animal interaction for kids to get up close and personal with some of their favourite creatures. And, the best bit, it was absolutely free with our Singapore Airlines promotion! Ava enjoyed seeing all of the animals and was pretty excited that we got to ride an elephant again. We also met orangutans up close and sat underneath them as they ate their lunch. So glad they didn't drop anything on us! Another of Ava's favourites were the animal statues outside of the enclosures. She was able to climb on many of these and loved giving the "animals" a hug.

Singapore Zoo

Lunch with the orangutans

Rhinos are my favourite

Ava loved the animal statues

Ava with the orangutan statue

Ava rides a giant seal!

Hanging out with otters - while covered in chocolate ice cream!

Trying to hang out with the proboscis monkeys 

After spending most of the day exploring the zoo there was just one more thing that I wanted to squeeze in before our flight back home. A fish pedicure! I'd read about fish pedicures and seen them on travel shows before and was eager to give it a try. Have you ever tried one before? It felt really weird to begin with, quite ticklish really, but after getting over the thought that tiny little fish were nibbling away at the dead skin on my feet and legs it was actually quite relaxing. My feet and legs definitely felt a lot smoother afterwards.

Fish pedicure

Little fishies nibbling away

Fish pedicure

With our fish pedicure done we had a little time to grab dinner and then headed straight to the airport for our flight home.

Our stay in Singapore was brief but we had a wonderful time and we were left wanting more. Singapore is an amazing city. If it weren't for the heat and humidity (two of my least favourite things) I'd be pretty happy to live in Singapore. I found it to be a perfect mix of East and West. It's definitely on our list of places to visit again.


  1. Singapore is on our list of places to visit. We've heard so many nice things about this city. I've never tried the fish pedicure but now I really want to! Do you know a place in the Bay area?

    1. Singapore is such a beautiful city. So clean and modern!
      I'm not sure if there's anywhere in the Bay Area that does the fish pedicures. I had a look online but didn't come up with anywhere.


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