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Friday 14 March 2014

SFMOMA On the Go at Crissy Field

Over the weekend we headed into the city to check out a few places we've been meaning to visit. Our first destination was the San Francisco Cable Car Museum (which I'll write about in another post soon) and our second destination was Crissy Field down by the Golden Gate Bridge.

We've visited Crissy Field quite a few times in the past though I don't think I've ever written about it on Little Hiccups. While Crissy Field is a great park with spectacular views over the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge, and therefore a popular tourist destination in its own right the reason for our visit this weekend was specifically to check out an outdoor art exhibition. Back in June last year SF Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) closed its doors due to extensive building renovations set to be completed in 2016. While the museum is closed SFMOMA will continue to hold exhibitions around the Bay Area as part of their SFMOMA On the Go program.

The expansive grassy park that is Crissy Field is currently home to one such exhibition featuring eight large sculptures by artist Mark di Suvero. The monumental sculptures date from 1967 through to 2012 and have been brought to San Francisco from all across the country. The Golden Gate Bridge, which has clearly been an inspiration throughout the artist's career makes the perfect back drop to this exhibition.

Ava and Lola were pretty excited when the sculptures came into view as we approached Crissy Field. They had a great time running through the grass (and mud!) to see the sculptures up close and were keen to try and recreate some of the shapes with their bodies.

Here's a look at the girls enjoying the afternoon in Crissy Field with the sculptures...

Figulo (2005-11)

Huru (1984-85)

Magma (2008)

Mother Peace (1969-70) 

Old Buddy (1993-95)

Dreamcatcher (2005-12)

Are Years What? (1967)

Will (1994)

An afternoon at Crissy Field checking out the sculptures definitely gets Ava and Lola's stamp of approval - although Lola did wish there was an ice cream store somewhere within easy access. I wonder why there aren't food vendors at Crissy Field. Hmm... I enjoyed seeing the sculptures and watching the girls run around in the grassy open space. I love that they were more often than not pretending to be airplanes as they ran from one sculpture to the other, yet they had no idea that Crissy Field's original purpose was an airfield!

You can find more information about the exhibition and the sculptures on display here.

Mark di Suvero at Crissy Field runs through May 2014.

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