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Wednesday 18 February 2015

52 Weeks: Week 7

Week 7: Fairyland

This past weekend was a four day one for Ava with Friday and Monday off school for Presidents Day. It was also some of the warmest and sunniest weather we've had all year. We made the most of the beautiful weather (and no school) by spending much of the long weekend outdoors.

On Saturday Kim took to the water and went sailing on the Bay with a friend, while the girls and I headed to one of their favorite places: Children's Fairyland in Oakland.

Mathilde was asleep for much of the time that we were at Fairyland so Ava and Lola took this as an opportunity to do all of the "big kid" stuff. They rode the ferris wheel, climbed the pirate ship, ran through the Alice in Wonderland playing card maze, and slid down the dragon slide. 

When Mathilde woke up from her long nap we headed to the Wild West where the girls had fun playing in the ghost town. Ava and Lola ran up and down stairs and through the fake buildings playing a high octane game of hide and seek. Mathilde toddled around the front of the buildings holding onto the low window sills. The girls also played on the ponies and pretended to be trapped in jail. 


We then stopped by Jack & Jill Hill for a little sliding. Ava and Lola slid down the slope on pieces of cardboard while Mathilde spent her time crawling to the top.

No visit to Fairyland is complete without a stop at Willie the Whale so we made our way to see our big blue friend on our way out at the end of the day. Mathilde kept trying to crawl into Willie's pond while I tried to get a photo of the girls so Ava ended up having to hold her. She was one unimpressed baby at this! The nearby toadstools cheered her up again though.

Such a lovely, summery Winter day!

If you'd like to see more of Children's Fairyland check out this post from 2013 which shows a lot more of the park.

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