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Thursday 26 February 2015

Ten Months Old

Ten months. We've hit double digits. Before we know it we'll be celebrating Mathilde's first birthday. I still can't believe my little baby will be one year old in just two months. I am in total denial!

For much of the last month Mathilde has been sick. Nothing major, mostly a nonstop cold that just won't seem to go away. And then there was an ear infection that hung around for a few weeks. And let's not forget the allergic reaction to the penicillin that she was taking for the ear infection. Let me tell you, waking up to a baby covered in hives with all this talk of measles going around is no fun. I'm pleased to say that the ear infection has cleared up and the hives have gone away. I wish I could say the same about the non-stop running nose!

On top of the nonstop illnesses, Mathilde has been teething. This means she has been extra grouchy, but she finally has a tooth! That first little tooth popped through just a few days shy of her 10 month birthday. Not one to conform to the norm though, Mathilde's first tooth is a top one. Like most babies, Ava and Lola's first tooth was a bottom one so I was quite surprised to see a little sliver of white tooth poking out of Mathilde's top gum while her bottom teeth are still hidden well below the gum line.

All of that sickness and teething grouchiness made it very tricky to shoot Mathilde's monthly photo. She just didn't want to sit or stand on her own. She wanted Mummy cuddles. Most of my photos came out like the one below until I found the one thing that made her happy (other than Mummy cuddles).

Her rocking horse! I was so sure that we'd end up with her rocking horse featured in her "I am 10 months old" picture but then she stood still and smiled long enough for me to catch a shot or two.

Mathilde is now really steady on her feet, standing for minutes at a time without holding on and even dancing on the spot. She's not fussed about taking any steps on her own though. A few weeks back she did take five steps in a row but she hasn't done it again since. Every now and then she takes one step but tries to take the second step with the same foot. And the third. And the fourth. And so on until she almost ends up doing the splits! She will take one step to walk between say the couch and a chair so I guess it's just a matter of time before she feels confident enough to continue with more steps. 

Right now Mathilde is obsessed with Ava's gecko Cookie. Cookie's enclosure is close to Mathilde's change table so she sees him quite a few times a day. Whenever we get close to Cookie's enclosure she points at him and makes a c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c sound. Cookie seems to be quite interested in Mathilde too as this noise always makes him come out from under his log! He usually hides away from people but he seems to be fond of Mathilde - which is crazy as she's the one person in the house who can't be trusted with him! I think we're going to have to get a lock to go on the front of his enclosure as it's only a matter of time before Mathilde works out how to climb up the drawers to get to the top of the dresser that he lives on.

Speaking of Mathilde getting into things, that's her favorite thing to do right now. Nothing is safe anymore. She opens drawers and throws tea towels, plastic plates and measuring spoons all over the kitchen floor. She opens cupboards and pulls saucepans out. She opens the dishwasher and rearranges things. She pulls everything out of the washing basket. She gets into everything. If it can be gotten into, she'll get into it! 

When she's not pulling things out of cupboards and throwing things around Mathilde likes to ride her rocking horse. She can climb on and off it on her own and can make it rock. She likes to make a "brrrooom" noise like a car as she rocks! She also makes that noise when pushing around toy cars or riding her ride-on wooden car. Or swimming. It's also the noise she makes to blow bubbles in the water!

Mathilde's other favorite things over the past month include pressing the buttons in the elevator (while saying "buh buh"), washing her hands and splashing in the sink, trying to flush the toilet, climbing the bunk bed ladder, waving "bye bye", brushing her hair, trying to put on shoes, rolling around in the basket of clean washing, and as always, swimming and bath time. She really is a water baby this girl.

At Mathilde's ten month check up on Monday we discovered that her being sick so much lately has meant that she pretty much hasn't gained any weight since her eight month check up. She has gotten taller/longer and her head circumference has increased but her weight has plateaued. She had put on weight but then refused to eat solids and only wanted the boob while she had the ear infection. All that weight that she put on came off and she hasn't put it back on yet. So now I have to try and fatten her up! Time for lots of avocado and salmon. I'm also starting her on cow's milk a little early (it's not usually recommended before twelve months) which should help her gain weight. So far she seems to like it - especially the novelty of drinking it out of a big girl cup! 

Hopefully next month I'll be sharing my roly-poly walking girl with a few more teeth!

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