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Saturday 14 February 2015

Valentine, You're a Catch!

This year Ava's class at school was not allowed to give out sweets for Valentine's Day.

I had planned for Ava to give out marshmallows just like Lola but seeing as they contain "just a little" sugar(!) we had to go with another idea. Ava was still keen to give out something to eat so we decided to go with good old Goldfish crackers.

Ava couldn't just give out a bag of Goldfish though. There needed to be a card with a cheesy saying to go with it. I'm all about the cheese when it comes to Valentine's Day!

So Ava posed for photos pretending to hold a bag of fish, I added a cheesy saying in photoshop, printed out the cards, added an actual bag of fish (well, Goldfish crackers) and, voila.. Valentines done.

Here's a look...

Another easy, cheesy Valentine's Day gift for friends!

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