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Saturday 7 February 2015

Another Ice Cream Party

This week Ava turned eight years old. I still can't believe how fast my kids are growing up - and I don't even want to think about how fast this means I'm getting old!

To celebrate Ava's birthday we'll be having a party with some of her school friends at Fenton's Creamery in Oakland this Sunday. Fenton's is an absolute East Bay institution but we're yet to make it there. Sometimes not owning a car has its downsides!

As Ava's party will be at an ice cream parlor it seemed only fitting to go with an ice cream theme for the invitations. Lola celebrated her fourth birthday with an ice cream party only three and a half months ago so it did feel a little odd rehashing the same theme but I made sure to keep things very different. Lola's party invitations featured popsicles (you can see them here) so for Ava's I drew ice cream in a cone topped with chocolate sauce and a cherry. It goes perfectly with the make your own sundae bar the kids will be treated to at the party.

I added a few glittery touches to the invitations and repeated the ice cream theme on the corresponding envelopes.

With Ava's party being held at Fenton's there is very little for me to do in the way of party prep. This feels completely alien to me as we usually throw parties at home and I make everything: invitations, party favors, games, party food, cake... I don't know what to do with myself!

I do have a few things to organize though. I'll be making the birthday cake and I've prepared party favors for the guests. You'll have to wait until my party post to see the cake but for now here's a look at the party favors.

Each guest will receive a drinking glass with a popsicle print filled with candy and popsicle stickers. I found these glasses at Paper Source while looking for party bags and I think they fit the bill perfectly.

I can't wait to share Ava's party with you all. We'll be doing the Arctic Tour, a behind the scenes look at how Fenton's make their delicious ice cream followed by lunch and making our own sundaes. Yum!

But for now it's back to cake baking for me...

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  1. I like your idea of throwing a simple ice-cream party dear. I live in New York and thinking to throw my birthday party at any great location like venue NYC. Do you know which best suitable location is for me out there?


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