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Friday 13 February 2015

52 Weeks: Week 6

Week 6: Silhouettes

Last Sunday the girls had portraits made by silhouette artist Karl Johnson of Cut Arts.

Ava and Lola had silhouette portraits made by Karl almost three years ago and when I learned that he was going to be in town again I jumped at the chance to get updated portraits. Plus one for Mathilde who wasn't around back then! You can see our original portraits here.

If you're not familiar with the art of silhouette making it really is amazing to watch. Armed with just a pair of scissors and a very keen eye, Karl transforms a piece of plain paper into an amazingly accurate likeness within minutes. Well, an amazingly accurate likeness with neater hair and a few added touches like ribbons and collars.

Last time we had portraits made I wasn't sure how it would look with Ava wearing her glasses so she took them off. This time she wore her glasses and I'm really impressed with how they came out.

Lola sat very still for her portrait this time (she was a 17 month old wriggle pot last time) and unlike when she poses for a photo portrait there was no duckface! I was a little worried that we'd end up with a portrait of Lola with big pouty lips!

Miss Mathilde, on the other hand, did not want to stay still. She wanted to join her big sisters who were sitting nearby playing with the off cuts from other portraits. Kim managed to keep her still long enough for Karl to cut the silhouette and then she was off to play in the scrap paper!

When we got home the big girls were keen to create their own silhouette portraits. Here's a look at the portraits that Lola made.

I love the girls' new silhouette portraits - the real ones and those drawn by Lola! I hope to have new portraits cut every two or three years as the girls grow up. One day I'll have a wall covered in silhouettes!

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