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Wednesday 4 November 2015

52 Weeks: Week 44

Week 44: Puddle Jumping

It doesn't happen often here, but this week it rained! And not just a little bit of drizzle either, mind you, it was proper rain. The rain started on Sunday evening and continued through the night and until Monday morning. By the time we were ready to leave for school the rain was mostly gone, but it had left something just as exciting... puddles!

We made sure to leave the apartment a little earlier than usual so we would have time to jump in a few puddles on our way to school. The girls were pretty happy when the first big puddle appeared - although they did have to make sure not to splash too big and saturate their clothes at the start of the day!

Seeing as all three of my girls have lived their entire life in drought conditions (both in Australia and here in California), puddle jumping isn't something that they get to do very often. In fact, I think this was the first time that Mathilde had ever jumped in a puddle! She absolutely loved it.

Because it doesn't rain here very often, I discovered that the girls' rain gear was actually a little small for them. Poor Lola complained that her boots were really tight and hurt her feet (she changed into regular shoes at school). It wasn't until we went to buy new boots after school that I realised just how small her boots were. She had been wearing a size 7/8 and her new (rainbow unicorn!) rain boots are a size 11! Likewise, Mathilde's existing rainboots were a size 3 and she needed to go up to a 5. We're still working on getting Lola a new raincoat that fits properly. The coat she wears now was given to Ava for her second birthday! It still fits Lola's body but she has trouble moving her arms. Clearly I am not good at keeping my kids in adequately sized rain gear!

Fingers crossed the predicted El NiƱo will bring us lots more rain, and lots more puddles to jump in! 

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