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Monday 30 November 2015

52 Weeks: Week 47

Week 47: Pajama Day

Last week Lola's class celebrated the last day of school before the Thanksgiving break with a pajama day. Or "Hibernation Day" to be exact. And I have to be exact, because Lola and her classmates made sure to correct every parent who dared call it "Pajama Day"! Trust me, if Lola could read (and happened to be reading this post), she'd make me change the title right away! I love how little kids like to be precise like that.

Anyway, the reason for the name "Hibernation Day" was because Lola's class has been learning about bears. Seeing as the weather is starting to get cool (by coastal Californian standards!) it seemed only fitting that the kids go into hibernation as well. So all of Lola's class, including her teachers, came to school in their snuggliest pajamas and brought along a favorite stuffed toy or blanket to cuddle. Lola brought along Fishy, her plush Salmon from Seattle! In the afternoon the class watched a Berenstain Bears movie and warmed up with hot chocolate. I'm sure that's how bears hibernate too!

Mathilde loves to copy her big sister Lola, so she went to school in pajamas too. In fact, she spent the whole day in her pajamas. I decided not to join in!

It was quite rainy in the morning so Lola's class headed straight into their classroom. Usually they eat their breakfast in the yard and then play a little before going in. This time they ate breakfast inside and a few parents stayed behind to read stories.

By pick up time the rain was long gone and the sun was shining. My little goofballs posed for a few silly photos on the school yard.

 That last photo cracks me up every time I see it!

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