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Sunday 15 November 2015

52 Weeks: Week 45

Week 45: Holiday Photos

Last weekend the girls and I visited the flagship Gap store in San Francisco for a fun holiday photo event in collaboration with Tiny Prints.

It was a slightly chilly day so I was actually able to dress the girls in something a little wintry for the photos. Red hooded duffle coats, grey knit dresses, tights, boots and a cute hat for Mathilde. They looked like we actually get a proper Winter here!

The girls were so good for the photographer. Usually when I try to take a photo of them together there are silly faces, lots of complaints, a little fighting, a few bribes and rarely all three girls looking at the camera at the same time. It also takes a really long time. For the photographer however, they stayed perfectly in place, smiled nicely and didn't once complain. I've finally worked out how to get good shots of the kids - have someone else to do it! Ha!

Mathilde didn't even once try to take her bunny bonnet off her head. She actually kept it on all day. I think she knew how damn adorable she looked in it! Her bonnet was made by my friend at Frankie & Juniper. You can find it here

After we had our photos taken the girls were keen to check them out on the screen.

Then it was time for some delicious treats! Throughout the event at Gap there were hosts serving canapes and drinks. The girls had been keen to try some tiny (powdered sugar covered) apple tarts while they waited to have their photos taken. Mean Mummy made them wait as I could just see their nice outfits getting covered in food! So as soon as the photos were done the girls crammed those little apple tarts into their mouths. It turns out I was right to make them wait. At one point Mathilde put her hand in the cream atop a tiny waffle and smeared it all down the front of her dress!  

After we left the Gap store we headed to Union Square to see if there were any new hearts on the corners. There were no new hearts - in fact only the permanent heart was there - but there was another surprise for us. The Christmas tree! The girls were pretty excited to see that the Christmas tree was already set up in Union Square. Mathilde was also excited to see pigeons running around and just had to chase them. Chasing pigeons is her favorite thing to do in Union Square! How adorable does she look in her coat and hat chasing the pigeons?

As we walked back down Powell Street toward the Bart station to go home we stopped to watch the cable cars go past. I just had to snap a shot of Ava and Lola with the cable car. Sure, we looked super touristy, but nothing says San Francisco quite like the cable cars. Ok, maybe the Golden Gate Bridge.

I can't wait to share the final design of our holiday cards once I've finished designing them with Tiny Prints. There are so many great designs available I'm having trouble choosing my favorite! To get started on your own holiday cards make sure to check out Tiny Prints here.

Big thanks to Gap and Tiny Prints for our wonderful holiday photos!

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