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Tuesday 22 December 2015

52 Weeks: Week 50

Week 50: Karate Belt Test

This past week both Ava and Lola took karate belt tests - and passed!

I'm so proud of my little karate kids! Ava is now an orange belt and Lola is now a yellow belt.

Here's a look at my karate kids in action...

Mathilde tried to join in too! When she wasn't stuffing her face with a candy cane, that is.

After being tested on their moves the girls did a little sparring. Ava and Lola sparred together while other kids from their class were the judges.

At the end of the test the kids were called forward one at a time to find out if they had passed. Their teacher, Sensei Julia, held each student's belt above them and if they passed she brought it down on their shoulder. Every kid in the class passed!

 Hooray for karate kids!


  1. So proud of you,guys! Great job! Sensei Julia.

  2. Wow, congratulations Ava on passing the six levels of yellow belt! What an achievement! The girls just had their exam in from of six examinators (!) and passed their level 2 after two and a half hour on the floor proving themselves. They were exhausted but so happy! Big hugs!


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