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Monday 21 December 2015

Holiday Circle of Lights

Saturday night we took the girls to go see a beautiful Christmas light display - at a cemetery!

I know, I know... It sounds kind of morbid and such an odd place to have a Christmas light display, but trust me, it was absolutely beautiful.

The Holiday Circle of Lights at Oakland's Mountain View Cemetery is a favorite with local families. Throughout the month of December (until January 1st) the display lights up the circular drive and fountain at the entry way of the cemetery every night from 5pm - 9pm.

On our way there the girls weren't too sure what to think of going to a light display at a cemetery, but as soon as we arrived they were amazed. The light display features festive scenes of ice skaters, Santa and his reindeer, Santa's work shop, elves, candy cane, deer and flowers. The nearby buildings are also decorated with lights as are the trees that surround the drive. There are also a few colorfully Christmas trees.

The lights around the fountain reflect perfectly in the water creating an image of even more beautiful lights.

If you're in the Bay Area get yourself to Oakland's Mountain View Cemetery and go see the lights for yourself. This is definitely something that will be added to our list of regular Christmas activities for each year!


  1. The lights are beautiful! We actually took our girls there during the day on Saturday and it was our first visit. I'm not really into cemeteries, but Mountain View cemetery is so beautiful (and the views from the top!) and there were so many people walking their dogs and enjoying the peaceful setting. It was surprisingly calm and not at all morbid or depressing like I have found other cemeteries to be.

  2. It's such a beautiful place, isn't it? We've been there once before during the day but it was pouring with rain and there was no view. It was still lovely though.

  3. Beautiful! Yes, I wouldn't think that a cemetery would be a good place, lol, but it looked amazing :-)


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