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Sunday 20 December 2015

Visiting Santa 2015

Last weekend we spent a day in the city doing a little festive sight seeing. First up we visited the Fairmont Hotel to see the Giant Gingerbread House and then the Westin St Francis Hotel to see the Sugar Castle. You can see them both here

Our next stop was Macy's to go see Santa and tell him our Christmas wishes

As we approached Macy's the girls were pretty excited to see a giant inflatable Snoopy positioned on the front of the store. They're loving everything Peanuts right now so Snoopy was a big hit.

Once we made it up to Santaland in Macy's the girls got their letters to Santa ready to post. We always make sure to post our letters to Santa in the big read mail box in Macy's as they donate $1 to the Make a Wish Foundation for every letter received. It's nice to help make someone else's Christmas wish come true. Plus the mail box is adorable! I love that it has a mail slot down low for toddlers.

After posting our letters to Santa we got in line to see the man himself. One thing I love about taking the kids to see Santa at Macy's is that there's never much of a wait. We visited on a Sunday two weeks before Christmas and there were only two families ahead of us when we arrived. Back home in Adelaide we used to line up for over an hour to see Santa at the Magic Cave in David Jones.

Mathilde was a little hesitant to go up to Santa first of all, but she followed her big sisters and perched herself up on his lap - even if she did look a little worried.

Ava asked Santa for roller blades and a guitar for her American Girl doll. Lola asked for Beados Gems (which I really hope Santa doesn't bring!) and a popcorn machine for her American Girl doll. Those American Girl dolls sure do get spoilt! After much prompting Mathilde asked Santa for a digger. She also asked for her very own Leap Reader so she doesn't have to keep using Lola's. Ok, so Ava added that bit on her behalf as it was a little beyond Mathilde's vocabulary!

After we left Santa we checked out the views over Union Square. I love looking over the giant Christmas tree and the skating rink. It's so festive. We've never actually been skating at this particular rink though as it's always sold out when we try to go. Next year we'll get in early.

A small toy department is located just outside of Santaland in Macy's and Mathilde found herself a toy that she just had to have. I won't lie, there was a lot of screaming when I had to take away that Hot Wheels Fast Blast Car Park!

Outside Macy's we checked out the holiday window displays. The girls were happy to see more Peanuts characters in the corner window. The other windows along the side featured kittens and puppies for adoption from the SPCA. For now we just made a donation. Maybe one year we'll be able to take one of the kittens or puppies home.

 More Christmas fun coming soon...

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