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Wednesday 9 December 2015

Elf on the Shelf 2015: Week 1

Elfie Pokie Nokie has been back in our home since the beginning of December and he's already been getting up to all sorts of mischief. The girls are so excited to see what he's doing when they wake up each morning.

Here's a look at his first week in our home this year...

Day 1
Usually Elfie Pokie Nokie begins his stay in our home by appearing in the advent calendar. This year I was a little bit slack and didn't have the advent calendar up in time so he decided to be true to his name and was an elf on a shelf. Or cabinet, rather. Close enough! Also, how cute is that family portrait Ava painted when she was six? I must commission her to paint a new one with Mathilde included!

Day 2
As we've seen in the past when he's has gotten into the girls' Halloween buckets, Elfie is quite keen to try out other holidays. On day 2 we found him dressed as a pilgrim and eating candy corn in our Thanksgiving display. I'm so glad he chose this location as otherwise I might not have noticed that the oranges were starting to go moldy! Look at that A orange. How did I not notice that before?

Day 3
Maybe being one of Santa's elves isn't the right career for Elfie Pokie Nokie. Maybe he'd be better suited to being, oh... say a surgeon. I'm not really sure if the game Operation counts as medical training but Elfie gave it a shot anyway. Would you let him operate on you? It's ok, you can trust him. He's a doctor now!

Day 4
On day 4 we found Elfie Pokie Nokie just hanging around - literally! He had displaced one of the air plants that hangs in the living room window in a glass ball and took its place. Not sure if it was especially comfortable in there but he seemed happy. I mean, look at him - he is smiling! 

Day 5
Looks like Elfie Pokie Nokie got a little tied up while brushing his teeth! We found him in the bathroom with his tooth brush and some out of control dental floss. It's really not that hard Elfie. Oh wait a minute... you don't have fingers. That would make it a little tricky. Come to think of it, do you even have teeth?

Day 6
Elfie Pokie Nokie found a little elf friend! We found him in the girls' bedroom riding the vintage snail lamp with a little friend. Aww... aren't they cute together? The drumming bear looks a little perturbed by this new friendship. Or maybe he's just upset that he's missing his nose.

Day 7
Elfie Pokie Nokie was a little tricky to find on day 7. The girls had almost given up looking for him when they spotted something red in the bathroom. What's that poking out of the stack of toilet paper? Could it be a pointy red hat? No, it's two little red feet. Looks like Elfie got himself stuck upside down. 

More crazy adventures of Elfie Pokie Nokie coming up next week...

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