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Sunday 6 December 2015

Berkeley Snow Day 2015

Today we had snow!

Well, kind of. We had snow that very quickly turned to slush thanks to the fact that we also had rain. Snow and rain - two rare things in the Bay Area! Ok, so unlike the rain, the snow wasn't actually real, but it was still fun none the less.

Today was the annual Berkeley Snow Day in the Gourmet Ghetto. The girls look forward to this day every December. This year's snow day was a little wetter than the last three that we've been too, but the kids couldn't care less. We all come home drenched right through our clothes but happy to have had our fun in the snow.

The snow was already pretty melted and slushy by the time we arrived around 11:30am thanks to the rain. The kids didn't care! Snow is such a novelty for us Australian-Californians that we'll take any snow we can get - slush and all! The kids jumped straight into the small patch of snow and started having fun straight away.

Ava was keen to make a snowman before the snow melted completely so that was her first thing she did - after throwing a few snowballs at me, of course. Her snowman was pretty little but she was happy with how he turned out. She posed for a couple of photos and then she stomped on him!

Mathilde had so much fun playing with her little digger in the snow. She scooped up snow and slush and tipped it on the ground over and over. At one point she was also scooping us the icy water and drinking it! When she wasn't drinking the icy water, she was stomping in it making big splashes. Last year she was a little unsure of this cold white stuff, but this time around she couldn't get enough of it.

Lola had fun digging in the snow at first but then got a little upset that she kept getting caught in the line of snowball fire from other kids. While she didn't like getting hit herself, she had absolutely no qualms about throwing snowballs at me!

Lola took a little time out from the snow fun while Ava and Mathilde continued to scoop up snow and throw it at each other - and at me.

After a little while Lola was back in the snow and decided to make a snowman herself. We moved to the top end of the snow where they were a few less people (and less snowballs!) and she got to work. Just like Ava, once Lola was finished with her snowman she posed for one photo and then stomp, he was squished by her boot! What is it with my destructive kids?

After playing in the snow for about an hour it was time to head home. The rain had turned from a light mizzle to proper rain. The girls pants were already soaked through and their boots were full of snow, and now they were getting wet from above too. When the rain started the snow quickly cleared out. I imagine that it was mostly melted and washed away before too long.

Despite the rain, the girls had a ball playing in the snow.

Oh, how I wish it actually snowed here!

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