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Monday 26 December 2016

Christmas Day 2016

Christmas has been and gone for another year. Did you celebrate yesterday? After spending the past two Christmases travelling we decided to keep things a little more quiet this year and spend Christmas at home. 

Christmas morning the girls woke up early, as I'm sure every other kid did, and after nursing Mathilde we made our way into the living room to see if Santa had visited over night. The first thing the kids saw were sparkly footprints in the hallway. Looks like Santa visited!

After checking out where the footprints came from the girls made their way to the tree and their presents.The next twenty minutes or so of unwrapping presents went by in a total blur! And by blur, I mostly mean Lola who was moving around so fast she was a blur in almost every photo I took! Ava took her Santa sack and stocking to another part of the living room to open her presents away from her little sisters, which was probably a smart move as those two had paper flying everywhere!

Mathilde seemed convinced that her Santa sack was some sort of Mary Poppins bag filled with a never ending supply of goodies, so throughout the morning she kept pulling the whole thing over her head in an attempt to get right down to the bottom. She surprised me at one point by pulling out one last gift when I thought they were all unwrapped! Of course, then she kept looking for more.

After the girls had finished unwrapping their presents it was time for Kim and I to unwrap a few. The girls are always just as excited to see us unwrap presents as they are to unwrap their own. Of course, our presents are always more boring than theirs - although the girls were pretty impressed with the Super Mario socks and Nintendo controller shaped tin of mints that they gave Kim!

The girls were pretty happy with the gifts they received. Both Ava and Lola received robots from us (Cozmo for Ava, Dash & Dot for Lola) and they proved to be the hit of the day along with Pokemon cards. Santa brought Ava a slack line (which we tested out in the park later in the day), Lola a Zoomer Hedgiez, and Mathilde a box of dinosaurs. There were also Pokemon related goodies, clothes, hair clips, American Girl doll accessories, a San Francisco floor mat, pajamas and money from grandparents.

After spending much of the day in pajamas (which is totally acceptable on Christmas, right?) we all got dressed in time for a late lunch followed by a visit to the park to test out Ava's new slack line between two trees. It was pretty cold at the park (8 degrees Celsius) and also quite windy so we didn't stay to try out the slack line for too long. Ava and Lola had fun trying to walk across it but couldn't make it very far on their own. It came with a support line but we had trouble keeping it in place with the wind so the girls didn't use it. Mathilde was fast asleep in her stroller with the snuggly foot muff keeping her warm while we were at the park. I'm sure that if she had been awake she'd be right there on the slack line with the big girls.

All in all, our Christmas day was pretty good. There was a bit of fighting between the girls due to cabin fever from being inside most of the day, but apart from that it was a nice day.

How was your Christmas day? Did you go anywhere special? Did you have family or friends over to celebrate? I'd love to hear.

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