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Thursday 15 December 2016

Elf on the Shelf: Week 2

Another week with Elfie Pokie Nokie in our home has gone by. 

Here's a look at what he got up to this past week...

Day 8
Elfie Pokie Nokie spent day 8 in our home just hanging around - literally! We have air plants in glass planters hanging in our dining room window. One of them died so I took it out and Elfie obviously decided he would take its place. He doesn't look at all comfortable but he spent the whole day there so it mustn't have been too bad.

Day 9
The dining room window proved to be a popular spot again. Elfie didn't move too far but he did make himself a little more comfortable. We found him sitting in the window with a hot drink, a pfeffernusse cookie and a teeny tiny elf sized newspaper.

Day 10
On day 10 we planned on visiting a Christmas tree farm to cut our own tree so I got the Christmas lights out in preparation. We didn't end up going as it rained all day and Ava is getting over a bout of pneumonia, but Elfie decided to try and help out with the lights anyway. He didn't get very far. In fact, all he did was manage to get himself tangled in a mess of Christmas lights!

Day 11
Oops... looks like we interrupted bath time! We found Elfie sitting on the bathroom sink wrapped in a towel with his favorite bath products by his side. I should probably give him a little privacy but here's a picture anyway!

Day 12
We did end up getting our Christmsa tree over the weekend after all! After Saturday's non-stop rain Sunday proved to be a dry, yet chilly, day so we hopped in a Zipcar and headed to a nearby tree farm. Elfie was pretty happy to see us bring home our tree Sunday evening and decided to make it his home overnight. We found him happily perched in the the Christmas tree on Monday morning.

Day 13
All that flying backwards and forwards to the North Pole every night must get pretty tiring, so I'm not surprised at all that we found Elfie making himself a coffee on day 13. It looks like he likes his coffee nice and sweet judging by the packet of Splenda and all those marshmallows. Plus that Nespresso pod is Linzer Torte flavored coffee and pretty sweet on its own.

Day 14
The girls had a little trouble finding Elfie on day 14. It was only after the big girls got home from school in the afternoon that they found his hiding place in the dining room. That ceramic beer stein from Germany isn't quite big enough for Elfie to hide in completely - which is good, otherwise the girls would never have found him!

 More Elfie Pokie Nokie adventures coming next week!

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