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Friday 30 December 2016

Elf on the Shelf: Week 4

Christmas is over for another year but I still have a few Christmas themed posts to share with you. First up is the last week of Elfie Pokie Nokie's adventures in our home.

Here's a look at what he got up to in those last few days before Christmas...

Day 22
We already know that Elfie likes to try out other holidays and celebrations (we've found him getting into the girls' Halloween buckets before and playing dreidel for Hannukah) but this time we found him playing with left over party props from Lola's rainbow unicorn themed birthday party. For Lola's party (which was back in October) I made a unicorn pinata and the girls loved it so much they wanted to keep it. The broke it open ever so carefully - or as carefully as you can when hitting something with a stick! - and then Ava taped it back up again. She made a little mess with the tape so she wrapped the unicorns "wound" with a bandanna bandage. Elfie used the bandanna to his advantage and tied it around his waist so he could sit comfortably on the unicorn. Looks like a comfy spot, and let's face it, who would pass up the chance to ride a unicorn?

Day 23
We have a fun marquee light box that I like to use for various occasions, and Ava set it up by the Christmas tree saying "Merry Xmas". Elfie obviously decided that it needed to be changed as we woke up on the morning of the 23rd to find that it reading "Elves Rule OK!". The Merry Xmas letters were strewn on the television cabinet in front of the light. Elfie... we can't trust you with anything!

Day 24
On Christmas Eve the voucher in the advent calendar was for reading a Christmas story. Elfie must've sneaked a peek as we found him sitting on the dining table with a wrapped up parcel that looked suspiciously like a book. He had a pair of reading glasses with him and a coffee cup from Starbucks. He was even leaning against a Starbucks Gingerbread Cafe kit. Looks like he was getting ready for a day with coffee and a good book! The girls unwrapped the gift and sure enough, it was a Christmas book from Elfie. The girls and I read the book, and later in the day we assembled the gingerbread Starbucks - which came out not quite as nice as the one on the box, but was still fun!

Day 25
The big day! Like every year on Christmas morning, Elfie was found sitting in the advent calendar holding letters for the girls from Santa. The girls always stop to collect these letters before they make their way to the Christmas tree. It's sort of become a tradition. At the end of the day, the girls wrote thank you letters to Santa and gave them to Elfie to take back to the North Pole.

Now that Christmas is over for another year Elfie Pokie Nokie has gone back to the North Pole to stay with Santa. Last year Mathilde was upset about him leaving so he stayed with us until new year and she carried him around everywhere during that time. This year she wasn't so upset about him leaving so he was able to fly back straight away.

Good bye Elfie Pokie Nokie. See you next December!

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