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Friday 23 December 2016

Elf on the Shelf: Week 3

We've been pretty busy around here preparing for Christmas and it seems that Elfie Pokie Nokie, our Elf on the Shelf, has been just as busy. 

This week has seen Elfie try his hand at ballet, playing with toys, eating tasty cookies, getting a little wrapped up in the bathroom, and just hanging around. Here's a look...

Day 15
In past years we've found Elfie practicing ballet with Barbies from the Nutcracker, but this year it looks like he decided to take it a step further and dress up himself! That Barbie dress is a perfect fit! The tights are a little long though! Sugar Plum Fairy Barbie seems pretty happy with Elfie's effort.

Day 16
Ok, so I'm not quite sure what Elfie was trying to do in the bathroom, but he seems to have gotten himself into a little trouble with the toilet paper! Oops! At least he didn't fall in. Now that would've been trouble!

Day 17
Some days Elfie likes to find a good vantage point up high to watch over the kids. Hanging out on our "My Roots Lie Here" maps in the dining room is as good a spot as any. He blends in nicely with the festive felt ball garland, don't you think?

Day 18
On Day 18 Elfie wasn't feeling too well and decided to stay put. Either that or his position above the map proved the perfect spot for watching the kids. It definitely had nothing to do with a tired mum falling asleep on the couch with a restless toddler!

Day 19
The girls and I baked and decorated honey biscuits the day before and I made the mistake of leaving some of them out. Looks like Elfie decided this was his chance to treat his sweet tooth! At least he didn't eat them all.

Day 20
Mathilde is really into building at the moment and made a house with her Duplo blocks. It turns out it was just the right size for Elfie to fit in. She was pretty excited to see Elfie sitting inside her Duplo house when she woke in the morning, although we had to take him out so she could continue building. Now that she's a little older, Mathilde understands that she's not supposed to touch Elfie - unlike last year when she insisted on carrying him everywhere!

Day 21
Another day of play! We found Elfie under the Christmas tree making festive words with an alphabet puzzle. Looks like he was in the process of spelling "xmas" when I walked into the room. Later in the day Lola decided to change this to "cmas" because, as she pointed out "Christmas begins with a C not an X"!

Only a few more days with Elfie Pokie Nokie in our home this year before he flies back to the North Pole until next December. The girls are excited to see what he gets up to the last few days.

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