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Friday 1 November 2013

Boo! It's Halloween 2013

Well, Halloween is done and dusted for another year.

The girls had so much fun dressing up and going trick or treating with their friends. This year both of the girls decided to go for slightly scarier costumes than they have in the past. Ava dressed as a vampire and Lola was a bat; a vampire bat, of course!


To get into the Halloween spirit we celebrated at Ava's school with a class party and school parade. Ava wore her vampire costume however she had to go without her face paint and colour sprayed hair so wasn't quite so scary looking. Lola wore her bat costume and was super excited to join in the parade.

Ava's first grade class

Little bat flying behind the parade

The highlight of Halloween was, of course, trick or treating! We met up with friends at a fabulous Halloween party thrown by our friend Hanna (she always throws the best parties!) and set out in a big group once the sun went down. But before we headed off trick or treating we needed to get a shot or two of all those cute (and scary) little trick or treaters.

Lola Bat and Ava Vampire

I vant to suck your blood

Not so scary

Let's fix that floppy ear

Always impossible to get them all looking at the same time!

Looks like witch costumes were popular for mums this year!

Attempting a shot with the girls

Scary family

A laughing vampire? 

Lola and Siena practise trick or treating (and hat stealing!)

Time for trick or treating! The kids were all so excited to head out and collect candy around the neighbourhood. We looked for houses with Halloween decorations and lights on, and knocked on their doors greeting the owners with a chorus of "trick or treat".

Knock knock...

Ava gets in and out as quickly as possible so she can head to the next house

Mesmerised by a boar's head hanging from a tree. Yes, it's real!

Climbing up all those stairs should work off of all that Halloween candy, right?

Ava checks out her treats

The kids all wore glow sticks so they were more visible in the dark 

That's one big pumpkin

Checking out something scary hanging from a porch

Little bat flying down the street

At some point Ava's black headband fell off and she was left with this blonde stripe across her head!
Maybe I should have sprayed her hair, then put the head band on instead of the other way around. 

So many stairs

Thank you!

Crowding around the candy bowl

Some houses were pretty busy

Collecting the candy

I don't think anyone's home

The girls loved trick or treating but it certainly did tire them out. Back at Hanna's they sorted through their candy and chose a few pieces to eat before heading home. On a side note, the girls sat in this exact spot to sort through their candy for their first ever Halloween two years ago! This was the first place we lived when we moved to America. You can see the girls' first Halloween here.

Let's see what we got this year

Lola loves lollipops

Another wonderful Halloween. I'm so glad that the girls can experience such fun holidays like Halloween while we're living in America. Dressing up and candy... what's not to love about Halloween?!


  1. How cute Lola's little batcostume is! And Ava looks hilarious as a vampire!! We have never celebrated Halloween, but each year there is increasing asking for it - I guess being in school they are so much more impressionable and hear about the other kids have fun dressing up and trick & treating....so next year I think we have to plan some costumes and some spookiness! Do you have a link to the bat-tutorial? Or the vampire cape? I reckon we will be inspired by you and try to make similar to your costumes - looks quite achievable because we can use with our normal clothes and don't need to invest in too much costume stuff - we'll be a vampire surrounded by lots of flapping bats...:-)

    1. Here's the tutorial for the bat wings: http://mypoppet.com.au/2011/10/how-to-easy-bat-wings-for-halloween-or-dress-ups.html
      So easy to make but they look great!
      I just made up Ava's vampire cape as I went so there's no pattern for it. You'd be able to find one online though.
      I love making costumes like this - accessories that can be worn with regular clothing. So much better than full costumes that they grow out of within months. Plus they can mix and match costumes bits and come up with whole new outfits!


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