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Tuesday 5 November 2013

New York City: Part 2

Our second full day in New York got off to an earlier start. Tonight we'd be staying with our friends Daniela and Sam so we packed up what we needed for the night and headed from the east side to the west side via Central Park. The girls were pretty happy to walk through the park after being surrounded by buildings for the last few days.

Ava in Central Park

Lola in Central Park

After meeting up with Daniela and her kids we hopped on the subway and headed to Chelsea for an early lunch at the market. Ava was super excited to catch up with her friend Aurelia and pretty much straight away they were holding hands and acting like they've been best friends for ever - despite the fact that this is actually only the second time they've met! I love it how kids can make connections like that so easily. 

Ava and Aurelia hanging out in the subway

Walking hand in hand through Chelsea

Chelsea Market ready for Halloween

A lot of the Halloween decorations in the markets were pretty gruesome 

Lots of pumpkins in the Chelsea Markets

After filling our bellies with pizza, coffee and treats from a bakery we headed up to the Highline. The Highline wasn't opened last time we visited New York back in 2006 so this was completely new for us. If you're not familiar with the Highline it's a walkway and park built on an old raised train line. There are viewing decks, plenty of seating areas, lush gardens, fountains, sun lounges that slide along the old train tracks and lots of space for running around high above the traffic on the streets below. The kids loved playing on the Highline. How cute are they all together in front of the viewing window? I can't believe they all behaved for a group photo. A very rare occasion!

Up on the Highline

Ava checks out the traffic below

Silly faces are always fun to make

So cute

Out comes that tongue

Posing fun

The girls were excited to spot the Statue of Liberty from the Highline

Walking along the Highline

Sun lounges that move along train tracks 

Splish splash

We headed down from the Highline to the Meatpacking District for a brief break (and baby refuelling!). The girls had fun being silly with the outdoor seating in the square we stopped in. I love the paved streets. Oh, and how adorable is that little red Fiat that putted by?

Looking over the Meatpacking District

Cute car

Sitting in a relatively normal fashion

Here come the sillies - and another funny old car!

Hmm... I don't think that's how chairs work

With the babies refuelled and our feet rested (and all the chairs back to normal!) we headed uptown on the subway to the American Museum of Natural History. The kids were in awe of the dinosaur bones, animal skeletons, stuffed animals (no not the kind we can buy and take home, Lola!) and interactive exhibits. The biggest hit however had to be the butterfly conservatory. So many pretty butterflies fluttering around, some even landing on us. One butterfly took a liking to my hair and stayed on my head for at least 20 minutes. At closing time I had to ask one of the docents to gently remove it from my head so we could leave!

Heading down to the subway

Making their own fun while waiting for the elevator

Cool kids hanging out on the subway steps

There are a lot more lines on this map than the Bart map at home!

Arriving at 81st Street. The station goes straight into the Museum which is pretty handy.

Lola watches a train pull up. I love the look of surprise on her face!

Aurelia leads Ava around the museum. Looks a little like "Sharknado" in his shot!

Dinosaurs galore 

After fighting over who would go first on a computer they found, the girls were excited that the next hands on exhibit had three touch screens - even if they had no idea what they were looking at!

Looking over Central Park from the museum

Learning about butterflies

Daniela and I with our kids - and a little friend on my head!

The stowaway who wouldn't leave my head

We stayed at the museum until closing time then made our way through the Upper West Side to Daniela's favourite local pizza place for dinner. By now our group had extended with Daniela's husband Sam joining us after work as well as friends from San Francisco (who were also in New York at the time). With eight adults and seven children/babies we needed quite a few tables at the restaurant!

Love these buildings

Always something being built/renovated/repaired in New York

Having an animated conversation on the way to dinner

Mmm... pizza


One last stop for the day before heading to Daniela and Sam's for the night: Magnolia Bakery. The kids were pretty happy to get cupcakes for dessert. On Sam's suggestion Kim and I went for cheesecake which was delicious. I just wish that I'd remembered to refrigerate the tub of banana pudding that I'd bought to eat in the morning. I wanted to cry when I discovered in the morning that I'd left it sitting in the stroller overnight :( Oh well, I'll make sure to try it next time we're in New York.

Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery

Stay tuned for part 3 of our New York adventure...

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