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Wednesday 13 November 2013

Ava's Travel Journal

We've already had a look at all the fun we had on our recent trip to Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and New York but now I thought I'd show you our trip from Ava's perspective.

As Ava was away from school for almost two weeks she was given a pack of school work to keep her busy and to prevent her from getting behind in her work. Part of her work pack was keeping a travel journal. This was a great way for Ava to document her favourite parts of our trip and to practise her writing.

Here's a look at our trip through Ava's eyes...

"I went on an airplane. I flew to Ottawa. I watched 1 show then I went to sleep."

"I went to the bakery and I got a jack-o'lantern cookie. My little sister got a maple leaf cookie.
It was yummy. The maple leaf cookie said Canada."

"We went to a castle called Parliament. We went into a war memorial.
We saw bells. We went to the top of the tower."

"We went for a walk along Rideau Canal. We walked on to the locks. It made a big splash."

"We drove to Montreal. There are lots of old buildings. It is cold."

"I went on a horse and carriage ride in Montreal. When we got off we fed the horse carrots.
The horse licked me on the head."

"I went to Quebec City. We went on a cannon. I went on the middle of the cannon. Then we took a picture!" 

"I went to FAO Schwarz. I got a toy. It was a dog. It was brown. I played a big piano with my feet. I was in New York!!!!!"

"I went to Dylan's Candy Bar. I got a Juicy Drop Pop. It had a minion on it. It was blue."

"I went to the Empire State Building. I went to the top. It was windy. I could see the Statue of Liberty."

"I went to a pizza place. I got a margherita pizza. It was yummy. I got water."

"I went on a carousel in Brooklyn. I had fun. I went on it 3 times. I went on a horse each time."

"I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was very windy. I was cold. I had fun!!!!!!"

"I went to the playground in Central Park. I climbed a big rock."

"I went on an airplane to California. I got some milk and some juice. I had fun. I had a good time!!!"

So the highlights of Ava's trip were mostly food based (cookies, Juicy Drop Pops and pizza), crossing bridges, going up towers, buying a toy, going on planes, and judging by all of those exclamation marks she was pretty happy to be in New York! Maybe I should add a few more for good measure!!!

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  1. Adorable!

    When I was a kid, my parents made my brother and me keep journals when we traveled. Sometimes, it was annoying to write an entry, but now I am so grateful they had us do it! I love looking back at those journals -- they are full of keepsakes and memories that otherwise would have faded or been lost. I'm sure Ava will treasure these journal entries when she is older, along with the great stories on your blog.

    P.S. A lot of my travel journaling revolved around food. Guess it's a kid thing!


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