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Wednesday 27 November 2013

Thanksgiving Handprints

Thanksgiving is almost here again. In fact, Ava is already off school for the holiday.

We've been working on a few Thanksgiving crafts to decorate our apartment. Last year we made hand print turkeys and they were such a big hit with the kids. You can see them here. Both Ava and Lola were pretty keen to make hand print turkeys again. This year we decided to mix things up a little and rather than making just hand print turkeys we went for a whole Thanksgiving theme and made hand print pilgrims and hand print Native Americans as well.

Thanksgiving handprints on our front door


I won't go into too much detail about how we made our handprints as you can find a step by step DIY on last year's post. We used the same techniques to make our pilgrims and Native Americans. 

For our pilgrims we used black paint on the fingers to form the hat and light flesh coloured paint on the palm to form the face. Lola was a little freaked out having the paint on her hand so she gave up after the pilgrim prints and didn't make any more.

Kind of looks like a pilgrim already!

Pilgrim hand printing

Lola did not like having the paint on her hand!

For our Native Americans we alternated colours on the fingers to form a feather head-dress and used a darker flesh colour on the palm for the face.

Native American hand print

Colourful feather fingers

Once the paint was dry we added the details. Ava used her "Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving" book as a reference for the details. We painted on a white stripe across the pilgrim's hats and smiling faces. Once the white paint on the hat was dry we added big yellow buckles.

Adding details to our pilgrims

Adding details

Happy smiles

Lola adds some details

Adding smiles

Not the best at staying within the lines!

For our Native Americans we added a brown headband under the feathers and smiling faces.

Adding the headband

Last of all our turkeys needed legs, beaks, eyes and those weird dangly things under their chins. Ava added these details in pencil.

Turkey legs

 And with that our little Thanksgiving friends were done!

Thanksgiving hand prints

Lola's pilgrims

These two came out looking rather like Terence and Philip from South Park!

Ava's pilgrims

Ava's Native Americans

Ava's turkeys

Once all of the paint was completely dry I cut out our little hand prints to decorate our apartment door. Ava made some fantastic "Happy Thanksgiving" lettering which I also cut out and added to our door.

Our festive front door

Happy Thanksgiving door

It's starting to look a little festive around here!

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