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Sunday 24 November 2013

My favourite Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is sneaking up on us yet again. Can you believe it's only a month away?

We've had so much going on lately that I really haven't had a chance to to start organising anything for Christmas: no presents purchased, no photos taken for our cards, advent calendar not organised... The one thing that I do have ready for this Christmas though is a set of gorgeous ornaments ready to adorn our tree - you know, for when I get around to organising that too!

One of my good friends here in Berkeley makes the most wonderful Christmas ornaments I have ever laid my eyes on and I'm so excited to share then with you all here. Karina handcrafts whimsical elves, wreaths, snow globes, and ornaments all of which you can find on her Etsy store Kaniko; http://www.etsy.com/shop/kaniko.

My favorites have to be the elves. Their long pointy hats are reminiscent of Scandinavian folklore and their bodies made from the tiniest of pinecones are just perfect. There's a little magic in each one of these whimsical little characters. The elves come in a range of sizes (from 2" to 8") and can be hung as ornaments or used as a tree topper. The larger elves have bases for if you wish to stand them on a mantle or table.  The tiniest elves are also available as a brooch. So cute.

Set of 3 elves

Tiny elf ornaments

Set of 5 elves

Elf brooches

Mistletoe Ball

Waterless Nutcracker snow globe

Christmas tree topper elf

Petite grapevine wreath

Everything that Karina makes is beautifully packaged making them perfect gifts.

With Christmas fast approaching make sure you get in soon to order your very own Kaniko ornaments and gifts. Cut off dates for 2013 holiday orders are December 8th for international orders and December 18th for domestic (USA) orders.

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  1. Thank you so much, Sally! What a delightful advertisement ;) Honored to be featured on what I consider to be one of the best mom blogs out there xoxo


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