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Saturday 9 November 2013

New York City: Part 3

Our last full day in New York was a busy one. We certainly crammed a lot of fun into a short time!

We started the day with bagels and coffee (how else would a day in New York start?) and hopped on the subway to Brooklyn. Seeing Manhattan from across the water is always amazing and the girls were pretty excited that we were a little bit closer to the Statue of Liberty. They desperately wanted to  go visit their favourite green lady up close however we just didn't have the time on this quick trip. Our view of her from Brooklyn was a pretty good one and the girls were happy with that.

Ava's favourite green lady

What a view

A remake of the shot Daniela and I took with the Golden Gate Bridge when she visited us last year. You can see it here.

The girls and I enjoying the view

Hooray for the Brooklyn Bridge - which Lola insisted on calling the Golden Gate Bridge!

Under the bridge

Ava and the Brooklyn Bridge

Ava and the Manhattan Bridge

Jumping - as usual!

There were two main reasons that we headed to Brooklyn on this lovely day. One being the chance to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge while soaking in the views over Manhattan, and the second being the beautiful Jane's Carousel which is located on the waterfront right by the foot of the bridge. The kids (our big group once again) had an absolute ball riding the carousel and were treated to quite a few turns.

Lola on Jane's Carousel

Ava on Jane's Carousel


Not quite as exciting as the horses but Lola insisted on having a ride in the carriage

Posing with Daniela and Anton

When the kids weren't whizzing around and around on the carousel they had fun throwing rocks into the water and playing on the rocky shore. What is it about kids, water and rocks? Whenever mine see a body of water they feel compelled to throw rocks into it. I guess it's fun to watch them go splash.

Now you may be wondering about the big pouffy tutus that the girls are wearing in the photos. Being the weekend before Halloween there were quite a few Halloween festivals on around New York. The girls borrowed outfits from Aurelia's dress ups drawer to get into the spirit. Of all the items they could've chosen they both went for pink fairy skirts/dresses.  Aurelia was also in costume as a witch. With their jackets over the top the costumes are a little tricky to see - apart from all of that tulle!

Lola and Ava on the rocky shore

Throwing rocks into the water

Slowly eroding Brooklyn's shore line and making the East River a little wider with all that rock throwing!

The girls and I

There's that wind again!

Three little friends with a big, big city

Time to cross the Brooklyn Bridge! It was super windy as we made our way across the famous span so we were in quite a hurry to get across. The views over Manhattan were amazing but the cold wind made it tricky to stop for too long to take them in. I had been a little worried at how Ava would go walking across the Brooklyn Bridge as she was absolutely terrified by our walk across the Golden Gate Bridge back when we first moved to the US. Despite the wind she absolutely loved walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and can't wait to do it again another time. I guess it is a lot shorter than the Golden Gate Bridge which we walked across on a cold December day. Another thing which makes a difference is that the pedestrian and bike path on the Brooklyn Bridge is raised above the traffic, where as on the Golden Gate Bridge pedestrians have a narrow path with cars zooming right by. The two years in age difference might've helped too!

Starting our walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

Trying to pose but the wind and my hair have other ideas!

Love those arches

Looking north - there's the Empire State Building towering above everything

It was a little windy and you can tell from Kim's posture with the stroller that it was pretty cold

Skyscraper skyline

Off the windy bridge we made our way past City Hall and through the financial district. There were some, umm... "interesting" sculptures nearby City Hall that were just crying out for fun photos!

Off the bridge

Even though we see these everyday at home there's just something so "New York" about the three wheeled police cars

Ava and Aurelia with City Hall Park Fountain


Crown butt

We made our way to the World Trade Center and the new Freedom Tower. Last time I was in New York (back in February 2006) this towering building was still just a hole in the ground with work being done on the foundations. It's amazing to see such a giant building where I saw nothing but a hole in the ground on my last visit. Next time we visit New York we'll have to take a trip to the observation deck that will be housed somewhere near the top of the 104 storey building.

Freedom Tower, World Trade Center

Ava and Freedom Tower

Back on the subway again, this time heading north to Central Park. Ava and Lola had heard that Central Park was home to some pretty amazing playgrounds but in our quick trips through the park so far they were yet to get the chance to stop for a play. They were pretty excited when we told them that that's exactly what we'd be doing for the rest of the afternoon - after a few pitstops for photo opportunities in the park, of course!

With Daniela and Aurelia in front of Bethesda Fountain

Family shot in front of Bethesda Fountain

Autumn colours

Lola and I got a little behind the others thanks to her insisting on walking on anything raised above the ground!

That pink skirt definitely stands out!

When we made it to Heckscher Playground in Central Park the kids were overjoyed. As much as they had enjoyed walking around and taking in the sights today there was nothing they wished for more than to play in a playground. Ok, so Lola was still wishing for a pink poodle, but apart from that playing in a playground was at the top of her wish list!

Fun on the swings

The kids loved playing on this structure built into the rocks

The silly faces come out when they're sick of posing!  

Ok, one last pose...

Lola had fun spinning around and around on top of the rocks.
That little face of hers looks pretty cold in this shot.

Time to go

The sun was starting to set and it was getting quite cold so it was time to leave the park. I'm sure the kids would've been happy to stay there no matter how cold or dark it got! It was time for dinner though and we had to pack up ready for our flight back home in the morning.

We were pretty sad to say goodbye to New York the following morning. Our visit this time around was quite a short one but we all had such a great time. We'll definitely be back for more. Both Ava and Lola keep asking when we can go back to New York and even if we can move there one day. That has always been my dream too so fingers crossed it will happen one day!

Big thanks once again to Mylee & Richard and Daniela & Sam for having us stay with them and for showing us around their beautiful city. Miss you guys already.

Miss you too New York. Let's hope it's not another seven years between visits this time.

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