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Wednesday 23 April 2014

Another one bites the dust...

Less than one week after Ava lost her first tooth, another one has fallen out. We're on a roll!

That smile is starting to look pretty gumby!

I had a feeling that tooth number two would make its way out fairly quickly after the first one. It was already pretty wobbly and without its partner there to hold it in place it was only a matter of time before it would follow.

Ava was keen for it to fall out on Easter Sunday. A visit from the Easter Bunny AND the Tooth Fairy in one day? That would be pretty magical. She spent much of Easter Sunday with a hand shoved in her mouth wiggling at that little tooth. But it didn't fall out on Easter Sunday. Or Monday. But it did fall out on Tuesday. And if there's one thing better than losing your tooth on Easter, it's losing your tooth at school!

Just why is losing your tooth at school the best? Well, first of all everyone makes a big fuss about it. Second of all, and most importantly, you get to go to the front office where Miss Brenda, the school secretary, gives you a special tooth necklace to keep your little pearly white in until home time. And then you get to wear the necklace for the rest of the day and everyone knows that you're a super cool kid who just lost a tooth!

Ava wears her tooth necklace

Pretty excited about the tooth necklace

Trying to trick me into thinking that this is the tooth she lost
The real tooth is just a little smaller

Goodbye little tooth

The Tooth Fairy visited again last night and left Ava three shiny gold dollar coins plus three more of the Seed Money coins just like last time.

Ava has one more wobbly tooth that I know of (one of the top front teeth) but it's still a long way off falling out so the Tooth Fairy can take a little break from visiting us. I'm sure she has lots of other kids keeping her busy!

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  1. Love the tooth-container! And love Ava's freckles:D


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