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Tuesday 15 April 2014

Easter Ideas Round Up

Easter is almost here again and as always the girls are super excited about it. I mean, what's not to love about a holiday that involves a bunny delivering chocolate eggs! Such a strange concept when you think about it, isn't it?

Easter is usually a time that I go a little overboard with all of the preparations: colouring eggs, baking hot cross buns, making decorations, helping the Easter Bunny to leave a trail of footprints... This year, however, Easter falls one week before our little one's due date. With all of the baby prep I've been busy with, Easter has taken a bit of a back seat. Plus getting much done with this giant belly isn't the easiest. I look like I've swallowed a basket ball sized Easter egg!

I'm still hoping to work on a few simple Easter crafts with the girls but in case we run out of time (my doctor seems to think our little one will come early!) I thought I'd share a round up of previous years' Easter ideas.

Sparkly Easter Bunny Footprints
One of the most popular posts of all time on Little Hiccups has been my DIY for Sparkly Easter Bunny Footprints. Every year the Easter Bunny leaves a trail of footprints behind him when he visits our apartment. I'm hoping I'm not in hospital over Easter this year as the Easter Bunny won't be able to leave his telltale prints and Ava just may catch on!

Look what the Easter Bunny left

Stamping the footprints

I think I may also have to come up with a new technique for the footprints this year. All that bending down with this big belly in the way is not going to be easy!

Easter 2012

Last year's footprints

Easter Egg Bunting
Last year I decorated our front door with bunting of tiny Easter eggs. This bunting is super easy to make and could be used with any shape that you like, not just for Easter.

Stitching together the bunting

Easter egg bunting on our front door

Rainbow Eggs
Decorating real eggs was not something we really ever did in Australia but has become one of our favourite Easter activities since living in the US. We've tried out all sorts of different colouring techniques over the past few years and the girls have always been happy with the results. This year I'm thinking we might give the egg dye a miss and decorate with markers and washi tape for something a little different.

Colourful eggs

Decorating fun

Multi-coloured eggs

Wax resist design

Hot Cross Buns
Hot cross buns are an Easter tradition in Australia and the UK but don't seem to be well known here in the US. Back home hot cross buns appear on the shelves in every supermarket and bakery as soon as the Christmas decorations come down. Hot cross buns are a favourite of mine and I've always been more than happy to get my fill of them in the months leading up to Easter even if it does seem a little crazy to eat Easter food in January! Since we've lived in the US we've been making our own hot cross buns. They certainly are delicious but I do miss the convenience of just being able to pick up a dozen ready made at the local supermarket.

Home made hot cross buns

Add caption

Ava pipes on the crosses

Papier Mache Easter Eggs
A few years back I made these wonderful papier mache Easter Eggs for guests at our Easter Sunday lunch. I wish I could take the credit for coming up with this idea but I actually found it on the fabulously crafty blog Not Martha. You can find the tutorial here. These eggs were a big hit. They looked great set up at each place settings and all of the guests enjoyed ripping them open to discover the chocolate eggs inside.

What's inside?

Chocolate of course!

I'm currently working on some different papier mache Easter eggs for this year. I'm still not completely sure how they will be decorated but I guess I'll work that out as I go!


So these have been some of my favourite Easter crafts over the last few years. You can also check out our last three Easters (since I've been blogging on Little Hiccups) below...

Easter 2011
Look at how little Lola was!

Easter 2011

Easter 2012
Our first Easter in America!

Easter 2012

Easter 2013
Egg hunts, hot cross buns, bunny tattoos and so much more!

Easter 2013

I hope to have a few more Easter crafts coming for you in the next few days but we'll see how everything goes with this baby. Maybe the Easter Bunny will be bringing more than just chocolate this year!

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