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Friday 11 April 2014

Preschool Easter Party

Today Lola's preschool class had an Easter Party.

Her class sang songs that they've been learning, we shared a potluck lunch and, everyone's favourite part, the kids took part in an Easter egg hunt.

I love Easter parties

Unfortunately I was running a little late and arrived just after the kids had finished their singing. I was so bummed that I'd missed it. This big pregnant belly of mine is starting to make it a little hard to walk as fast as I usually do and unfortunately taxis are not the easiest thing to come by in Berkeley. Must remember to allow more time for waddling!

I joined Lola in time for the potluck and after her lunch of pizza, cupcakes and strawberries we headed out into the yard for the egg hunt.

All week the kids have been painting hard boiled eggs and decorating Easter baskets in preparation for the egg hunt. The eggs were hidden throughout the yard while the kids ate lunch. With their Easter baskets in tow the kids jumped straight into the egg hunt. Lola headed straight for the sandbox where she discovered eggs hiding among the toy dump trucks and diggers. As you can see she was pretty excited about her discovery. Although she wasn't quite as excited about the fact that they were covered in sand!

I found an egg!

There's another one in here

This is so exciting!

Not so keen about the sand all over the eggs

Lola and a friend show off their Easter baskets

The kids all seemed pretty keen to crack open the eggs that they'd found and start eating them. Lola usually likes to try and eat the shell as well so I had to throw it away as soon as she peeled it off. Eating egg shell is one thing, but eating paint and sand covered eggshell is quite another!

Mmm... painted egg

Lola and a classmate with one of their teachers

The kids' Easter baskets were already filled with goodies before the egg hunt started. There were chocolate eggs, stickers and bubbles. Lola was excited to blow bubbles but she didn't have much luck. She kept on trying though and had lots of fun even if she wasn't very successful.

Trying to blow bubbles 

Still trying...

...and still trying

She finally got one

Hooray for bubbles
Blowing bubbles with friends

Lola discovered she could blow the bubbles back into the bottle and not waste any of the solution!

Lola had a wonderful time at her Easter party and has been telling everyone about it all day. She now has one week off preschool for Spring Break / Easter holidays and will return after we celebrate Easter.

And, just maybe, she might return to preschool as a big sister!

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