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Wednesday 23 April 2014

Easter Parade + a Ride the Ducks Give Away

This give away has now ended.

Easter Sunday certainly was a fun filled day for our family. A visit from the Easter Bunny, an egg hunt, smashing confetti filled eggs and, the highlight, taking part in the Union Street Easter Parade in San Francisco.

We were very lucky to get the chance to ride in the parade with Ride the Ducks. The girls have been looking forward to it for weeks and were so excited that the big day had finally arrived. If you spend any time in San Francisco at all you'll be familiar with the Ride the Ducks boat. A boat on wheels, it makes its way through the city streets and out onto the Bay giving tourists the best of both worlds: a bus tour AND a boat tour. Plus it's a lot more fun!

We were joined on the "Duck" by a large group of families each with their own equally excited children for the parade. We were all given our own "Wacky Quacker", a duck bill shaped kazoo, and as you can imagine we pretty quickly became the noisiest group in the parade! Somehow though, despite the non-stop quacking and disco duck soundtrack Lola managed to fall asleep during the ride. This was the first time she been in the city without a stroller and all of that walking up and down hills had tired her out. Plus we did have a pretty busy Easter Sunday morning at home before the parade. And she has a habit of falling asleep in moving vehicles!

Like the other kids (both big and small) on board, Ava was pretty excited to wave to the crowd watching the parade and blow her Wacky Quacker to the music as we made our way down Union Street.

After the parade we were taken to Ghirardelli Square where we took part in a tour of the complex. The girls were treated to lots of chocolates and we couldn't go past some delicious Ghirardelli ice cream. We usually go a little overboard with the Ghirardelli ice cream sundaes when we visit but we kept it simple this time! 

Lola is a huge fan of making wishes in fountains so while at Ghirardelli Square she threw a penny in the fountain and very loudly wished for a rainbow unicorn. Imagine our surprise when we spotted this beanie right then and there! A rainbow unicorn! I couldn't help myself and had to make her wish come true. She was so excited (as was Ava who got a Minion beanie) and she wore her new favourite beanie on the return trip. And for the rest of the day! 

For a chance to win your very own San Francisco adventure with Ride the Ducks enter below. The prize consists of four (4) adult tickets for San Francisco Ride the Ducks for a family of four to be redeemed any time before December 31st 2014. Entries close May 1st 2014 and the winner will be notified by email.

What are you waiting for? Get quacking and good luck!

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Big thanks to Ride the Ducks for helping make our Easter Sunday such a memorable day!


  1. Where is Kim's bunny ears????? The old lady sure is decked out and ready for Easter:D Love her outfit!

    1. I'll have to make Kim a pair of bunny ears next Easter!


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