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Monday 21 April 2014

Happy Easter 2014

It's been a super busy Easter weekend here with non-stop Easter activities lined up.

In fact, we had so much going on for Easter that I'm going to break it down into three different posts - otherwise this would be one incredibly long post!

Let's start with today, Easter Sunday, and the Easter fun the girls had at home and out and about today...

Easter girls

Ava and Lola were both up quite early, with Ava trying to convince me that it was already 8am and that we'd all slept in. Nice try Ava! Of course, with both of the girls up and eager to go see if the Easter Bunny had visited there wasn't much chance of a sleep in so we all got up to see if we'd had any visitors overnight.

As usual a glittery trail of bunny footprints was out first give away that the Easter Bunny had indeed visited. And the chocolates on the dining table were the conclusive proof!

Looks like the Easter Bunny has been

Before diving into their Easter baskets the girls followed the glittery footprints out of the apartment and down the hallway to check how the Easter Bunny had come in. Just like always the footprints lead to the nearest fire escape. This time around Ava did ask how the Easter Bunny got through the fire door from outside as it triggers an alarm when opened. I think someone might be starting to catch on. Luckily my answer of "It's magic" was enough for her. For now.

Off to see where the glittery prints came from

Hip hopping through the hallway 

The girls were spoiled by the Easter Bunny, their grandparents and us. Lots of chocolates and a few little presents. Even presents for their American Girl dolls, Eva and Beaver.

Checking out what the Easter Bunny left

Quick stop for a photo

Easter baskets full of goodies

Ready to unwrap presents

This one is for you Eva

A new pigeon book for Ava

Already into the chocolate

After breakfast we headed out into the courtyard for an egg hunt. The girls and I had coloured eggs a few days ago plus I'd made rice krispie treats inside of plastic eggs. These were all hidden throughout the garden in the courtyard and the girls couldn't wait to start searching for them. They did pretty well and found all of the eggs fairly quickly. Ok, not quite all of them. There was one egg that we just couldn't find no matter how hard we looked. We ended up having to give up on the last egg and leave it to the garden.

And they're off...

Ava takes the lead

I found one!

More eggs

Here's one!

And another one!

Ava finds an egg

Here's another one

I spy something beginning with E

Daddy help with the search for the elusive last egg

Where to now?

Look at all of those pretty eggs

Not quite as many for Lola

Back inside the girls ate a few of their Rice Krispie aggs and then  it was time for confetti eggs. I would've loved to have let the girls smash the confetti eggs out in the courtyard but the clean up would've been too much of a hassle. Sweeping the kitchen floor in much easier! The girls threw their confetti eggs at each other, at me and at the floor. For their last eggs they smashed them together in a high five above their heads. This was by far the best technique. I really wish we hadn't waited until the last egg each to try it this way. We'll have to remember for next year.

Rice krispie eggs

So good

Confetti hair

Ready to smash

Let's high five

Confetti explosion

Confetti mess

My confetti feet

Then it was time to head into the city for the Union Street Easter Parade. This year we took part in the parade by riding in the Ride the Ducks boat. If you're not familiar with Ride the Ducks it's one of those boat mobiles that can drive on land and in the water. It takes tourists for fun trips through the city and out on the Bay. There was no going in the water for us today but we did have a blast taking part in the parade. Well, three of us did. Poor Lola was exhausted from the day's excitement by the time we reached the parade route and fell asleep almost directly after the parade started. She must've been really tired as it was incredibly noisy and she didn't move a muscle. I'll have another post about the parade coming soon.

Waiting to start the parade

After the parade we were taken to Ghirardelli Square. From here we made our way to Hyde Street Pier to check out the old boats. The girls stopped to throw pennies in a fountain and make a wish. Lola made one of her regular wishes: a wish for a rainbow unicorn (the other wish is for a pink poodle). A few minutes later we spotted a little girl wearing a rainbow unicorn hat! Her mother told me that she'd just purchased the hat from a street vendor across the street so we headed straight there and Lola's wish came true! She was so excited. Ava was eager to get a new hat of her own too and chose a Minion.

New hats

Hyde Street Pier - which was the 101 before the Golden Gate Bridge was built

Rainbow unicorn

Minion girl

Checking out the boats and the views

Looking back at Ghirardelli Square

Row, row, row your boat...

I don't think we're getting anywhere


Before we knew it it was getting late and we were back home. The girls should be sleeping well tonight after all of today's excitement.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! 


  1. So many good photos - love the one in the rowing boat. And I want your shoes! Where are they from?
    - Nina

    1. I love those shoes too :) They're a Swedish brand called Maguba. They are so incredibly comfortable. I bought them from a little store here in Berkeley about a year ago but they've always got something similar in their window display. I'll have to take you there when you visit :)


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