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Wednesday 9 April 2014

Fun in Crissy Field

A few weeks back we spent a day in the city playing tourist. We caught a cable car, visited San Francisco Cable Car Museum and then headed to Crissy Field to see the SFMOMA On the Go exhibit featuring sculptures by Mark di Suvero. 

While we were out and about the girls had lots of fun running about through Fort Mason, Marina Green and Crissy Field, taking in the sights of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city skyline, and were excited to see sealions swimming in the bay. I've already shared posts about our visits to the Cable Car Museum and SFMOMA On the Go but today I thought I'd share some of the extra photos that were taken of the girls having fun - and mostly goofing about!

Fun in Crissy Field

Ok, we'll pose for one shot but only if we can have over the top smiles

And then jump around like crazy!

They thought it was hilarious that they made me sit in the kids' chair!

Nothing too silly going on here
Ok, no crazy kids in this one, just a beautiful view

Convinced they'd found another of San Francisco's heart sculptures in Crissy Field.
Umm, that's not a heart shape!

Looking back over the city from Crissy Field

Loving those clouds

We found sealions!

They girls loved seeing the sealions

Please throw us food!

Someone else was hanging around for food too

Skipping along the path back to the road and the bus home

It was so nice to get out and play tourist in our own backyard for a day. We must make sure to do it more often.

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