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Sunday 6 April 2014

Portraits of a Baby Sister

That big fat belly of mine is the perfect blank canvas for a little artwork and that's exactly what it became yesterday! It's so pasty white a little colour couldn't hurt. Prepare to blinded!

The girls took it in turns drawing pictures of what they think their little sister will look like on my belly. 

Baby belly portraits and my little artists

Ava's drawing was a pretty close approximation of what the baby will probably look like: blue eyes, short brown hair (both girls were brunette at birth) and no clothes. She even originally matched a marker to her own skin tone to draw the baby however it didn't show up on my belly so she had to go for a darker colour.

Artist at work

Ava's masterpiece

Ava and her littlest sister

Lola's portrait was a little more abstract. Purple body, long arms and legs, long red hair and blue eyes. Well, she got the eyes right and in fact Lola actually was purple when she was born thanks to the cord being wrapped around her neck. Fingers crossed this baby won't be purple too.

Lola starts her drawing

Adding some long red hair

Lola and her finished masterpiece

Lola is so excited about her little sister

Only three more weeks to go until the girls get to meet their little sister. Not long now!



  1. Cute activity idea:) And congrats on the pending bundle of joy!

  2. Did it tickle?

    1. A little :)
      I actually remember a picture of you when you were pregnant with the twins and you had a big A on one side of your belly and B on the other. That was kind of my inspiration for this :)


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